L-PACK was founded

There was installed a J. S. Machine corrugator (China),web 1600 mm, maximum speed 100 m/min, for singlewall corrugated containerboard production. Also there were 2 converting lines. Total production volume was 15 million m² annually.


Purchased the first Miniline LMC (Taiwan)

Signing the contract for purchasing of the new J. S. Machine corrugator with 2100 mm web, and max. speed 150 m/min. Construction and preparation  of the corrugated production area.


J. S. Machine corrugator was launched

This enabled us to produce both singlewall and doublewall corrugated containerboard and packaging from it. Constructed a new storage area for the final product, with a total area of 3000 m².


Installed new converting lines

Roda Super Combi and Roda Andax for dividers and inserters production. Bought a Signode line for automatic packing of the goods.

October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993
William Edwards Deming

The management of the company took the new principles of labour organization on the basis of Edward Deming’s theory and the ideas of Lean production.

2008 – 2010

Breakthrough in the history of L-PACK

After reorganizing the production and developing a new production programme, the performance of the production equipment boosted. Production volumes increased by 3 times (annually more than 90 million m²).


Took a course at expanding the machine park to improve the quality of the produced goods. Started the construction of a production shop for the BHS corrugator.


Installed and started the first BHS corrugator (Germany), maximum speed 350 m/min

  • Started midline LMC PP-3, and broke the world speed records with this equipment. The quality of the manufactured product increased sharply.
  • Started the Jumbo line – the largest inline at that time (dimensions of the box spread 5200 mm Х 2500 mm)

Started LMC rotary die-cutter (Taiwan) with peripherals from Castaldini (Italy)

Started miniline LMC (Taiwan). Later on this line we made a world record-breaking 273 000 American boxes within 12-hour shift.


Launched Emmepi transport line (Italy) to deliver finished products from converting machines to the storage area.


Installed the first in Russia midline Emba 2450 Ultima (Sweden)

the fastest inline in the world (500 boxes/min). In 2017 L-PACK set a world record on this line - 223 000 boxes within 12-hour shift. The changeover speed in 2018 was reduced to less than 2 minutes, which is also a record in Russia and Europe.

  • Started the paper machine project. Began dismantling of the line for production of paper from fibre materials at the mill of InnovioPapers (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Dismantling took 1,5 years and finished in May 2018. The paper production line was modernized and installed at L-PACK site. The paper machine started in Match 2019.
  •  Installed a second BHS corrugator, speed  – 400 m/min.
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  • updated Emmepi transport line (Italy) to deliver finished products from converting machines to the storage area.

Installed a rotary die cutter LMC (Taiwan), equipped with automatic palletizer and breaker. Finished the construction of the second office building 2.

Installed Emmepi transport line (Italy) to deliver finished products from the corrugators to the storage area.


Every year we expand the company premises, including the finished product storage area. We annually increase the number of the shipping terminals to speed up the loading. At the moment there are 13 acting terminals in L-PACK.

  • Started a second boiler house;
  • Installed two additional lines for production of inserters and dividers;
  • Launched a “Customer account” on the website, where customers can order our products and track the stages of the order online;
  • Agreed on a new strategy of the company: On the way to a self-developing system;
  • Started to make improvement in the processes of the company;
  • Created a tender procedure for the delivery companies on the website;
  • Created a company brandbook and launched a company newspaper;
  • Finished the construction of PM.

Start and official opening of paper production plant. The new PM operates in the range of 90-140 g/m². Maximum width of the reel on the winder is 4800 mm.