We produce ANY corrugated packaging for ANY needs
Intermediate storage area
The sheets for the packaging production are transported to the intermediate storage area, and then to the converting lines, where we turn them into packaging.
Converting lines
The lines are selected to be interchangeable, which provides the highest degree of reliability in producing the customer’s order. The equipment is set up and controlled automatically with the help of the computer system, which eliminates the risk of errors in the production process.
Automatic transporting line
All the lines are connected by Emmepi transport system (Italy). When the line sends a signal that the product is ready, the shuttle car takes the batch and delivers it to strapping and packing lines.
Shipping and deliver
You can order delivery to your storage area. Tender procedure guarantees selection of the best carriers for the fair prices.
Product range

All L-PACK products are certified. Constant quality control is done by two laboratories. We control the quality of the supplied raw material and the ready goods. We do quality tests at every stage of production, storing, and shipping of our products.

American boxes

To produce American boxes we use the following lines

  • 2 Minilines for manufacturing small boxes with optional four-color printing and rotary sections;
  • Midline line for producing American boxes with optional four-color printing and a rotary section;
  • Midline Emba 2450 Ultima, the fastest inline in the world (500 boxes per minute) with optional five-color printing.
Midline Emba 2450 Ultima
Boxes with die-cut elements

Perforation and ventilation holes etc.

  • Are made on all Minilines and Midlines;
  • Transline for producing American boxes with optional four-color printing and a rotary section.
Complex die-cut packaging 

3 rotary lines for manufacturing complex die cut products, with optional four-color printing.

3950 mmMax  length 2150 mmMax width

Produced on Jumbo line for producing of large American boxes with a rotary section and optional two-color printing. Maximum dimensions of the product on the line 5200×2500 in the scan list.

5155 mmMax length 2500 mmMax width
Inserters and dividers

 Corrugated and core board inserters and dividers, including assembly

  • 3 automatic lines for production of inserts and dividers  — Roda Super Combi and 2 Roda Andex (Switzerland). The capacity is up to 1.5 million sets per month;
  • Additional production plant for producing core board inserters (starting with 0,6 mm width)
  • Machines for production of small products (gaskets, bushings etc).
Producing inserters and dividers on Roda Andax and Roda Super Combi (Switzerland)
Wide range
High-quality packaging from a leading producer in Russia