High quality and environment-friendly paper from recycled materials

We are ready to offer you testliner and fluting we use at our own corrugated plant to produce corrugated containerboard

Paper production plant
Here we turn waste paper we purchase form our suppliers at sorting spots into mass stock, and remove all contaminants and impurities.
The operator controls all stages of paper production online. We take samples from every reel to make sure our product is of highest quality. Always in stock any format: 1050, 1260, 1400, 2100, 2300, 2450, 2500, etc.
Online tracking on the website
The unique customer’s account enables you to place and order online and track all the production stages. You can also start a chat with our specialists.
To corrugated board production
We are the major consumers of the paper we make. Automatic transporting line delivers paper reels to the storage are, where we use them on our high-speed corrugators.
Paper Machine
Paper Reels after Rewind
Paper Storage Area
Paper Storage Area
Paper Storage Area
Reel Spool Pick-Up
More about the production line

PM capacity is 800 tpd, which allows us to provide our corrugated containerboard with our own high-quality raw material. Paper grades – 90-140 g/m². Maximum paper web is 4800 mm on the reel. 

Together with TetraPak

In 2019 together with our partner, world-famous producer of food and drink packaging TetraPak (Sweden), we installed a second mass stock preparation line to recycle used beverage containers for milk, juice etc.

We produce liner and fluting from:

  • Old corrugated containers (ОСС). Mass stock preparation system by Kadant Lamort (France) ensures efficient pulping, cleaning, eliminating the contaminants and refining the fibres to achieve the desirable parameters of consistency and durability of the future paper
  • Used beverage containers TetraPak (UBC).

This packaging contains 75% cardboard, which we reuse to produce paper. Special equipment and a pulper of unique configuration (“poire”) separate cardboard fibers from the plastic film and foil that are also used in this packaging. We then press and bail the foil and plastic together and ship them out to further recycling, while the cardboard is used to produce paper. There are only a few similar lines in the world.