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«Turnkey» packaging

Our company provides a range of services that can be useful to you.

Сreating technical documentation Our PreProduction Department will prepare all the necessary documentation for your products.
Сonstructing the packaging Our construction engineer will construct your packaging in accordance with the size of your product. Our technical specialists are able to create any type of non-standard or extraordinary packaging for our customer.
Branding Our designer will help you to create a unique design for your product packaging.
Samples or a trial batch You can always order samples of our products to do trials in different environments.
Tools Our specialists will choose and order the necessary tools and printing plates to perform your order.
Delivery Our Logistics Department will order transport for a delivery of any size, including small batches. We select our transport on the basis of tender procedure, which ensures the best price for our customer.
Visit of our technical specialists to your site If you need help in setting your equipment to work with our products, our production specialists can provide any necessary assistance on your production premises and settle all the technical matters.
In search of a tailor-made solution? Contact us, we are always available
to help our customers:
Personal account for clients

L-PACK offers its clients a unique service – PERSONAL ONLINE ACCOUNT, which enables you to:

To track the order from the moment of placement to shipping from the storage area

To approve technical documentation and make requests for samples

To have an online chat with your personal sales manager and other specialists