20 years of experience in quality production

The company L-PACK, founded in 2001, produces singlewall and doublewall corrugated containerboard and a full range of products of it. In addition to standard list, the range of products includes micro corrugated board, large-scale packaging and fanfold.

Our own raw materials base, cooperating with the leading suppliers of raw materials (Arkhbum, Ilim) and continuous modernization of production ensure the dynamic development of the company. Since 2002, an annual increase of volume of production has been more than 10%.

The distinctive feature of our company is the introduction of the "lean production" concept, based on Edward Deming's quality strategy and Toyota experience. According to this strategy, each employee is engaged in the process of business optimization and losses elimination. Organization of work and staff motivation system is aimed solely on the overall final result.

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From Waste Paper
to the Box!

We create reliable and sustainable packaging to meet any needs, taking care of people, nature, and community.

The production cycle starts with waste paper, which we use to make testliner and fluting. The paper we produce serves as raw material for corrugated containerboard. The ready sheets then go to converting machines, where they are turned into our final product – corrugated packaging.

L-Pack today
We employ more than 800 people, 35% have been with us for more than 7 years
18 ha
Total area of the production premises is 18 hectares (equals to the area of 26 football pitches)
50 mln m²
Production premises for 40 mln m² a month
20 500 m²
Over the last 5 years the useful area of the company has increased by more than 20500 m²
3 corrugators
2 BHS corrugators and FOSBER corrugator
4 years
is the average age of our converting machines
2  QCD
Two own laboratories to continuously control the quality on all production stages
Our mission:
Honest and transparent partnership: Love and respect your client.
Our mission:
Continuous improvement: Every day try to be a better version of yourself.
Our mission:
Working pleasure: Get inspired by your work and inspire those around.
Our mission:
Staff relationships: Give a hand to the one next to you, do not create any barriers.
Our mission:
Realizing the employees’ potential: Step out to help the company reach its goals.
The customer is most important for us

We do our best to make sure that working with us exceeds all your expectations!

Our major value is continuous improvement of every aspect of our production: quality of goods and services, skills and knowledge of the staff, terms of contracts with our partners.

24/7 operation

Many processes in the company: corrugated board production, shipment of finished goods, reception of raw materials — operate 24/7 to ensure effective and continuous operation with customers and suppliers.

Small batches of complex die cut products available

We highly value every customer, so even a small batch matters. The minimum changeover time enables us to produce up to 100 different orders on one line per day.

Quick order processing

We do everything for the convenience of our customers. We make sure that discussing the terms of the contracts, price calculating, construction and design, and samples creating will take minimum time. Our full automation information system enables us to perform urgent orders within 2 hours.

“Turn-key” products

Our pre-production specialists are ready to help you with documentation and technical cards, constructing engineers will do your drawings for you, and our designer will make your packaging attractive. You can be sure that we will design and produce the best packaging option especially for your goods.

Our clients are logged in customer account, where they can track the order status, communicate with our specialists, and view the history of the previous orders.

Unique full-cycle production

Flexible pricing for loyal customers

We can offer our constant customers convenient terms of contract, like prolongation of payment period and flexible prices.

Reliable conditions for dealers

When placing an order with us for their customers, the dealer can be sure that he is the exclusive recipient of an agreed range of products.

After-sales services on the customer’s site

If you need help with adjusting your line to work with our product, our production specialists will come to your site and help solve all the technical issues.

Love in the smallest details
High-quality packaging from a leading producer in Russia
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