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Petr Karanchuk
I strongly believe that every company, every mill, and every department has its own spirit – something that every guest, every employee, and every customer can feel. In our company this spirit comes from our basic value – continuous improvement.

Every day we strive to make a positive contribution into the world. Our customers appreciate us for fast order processing and high quality packaging. We build a long-term and transparent relationship with suppliers, thus helping them to develop their business. We expect every staff member of L-Pack to realize their contribution to the success of the team, enjoying a friendly working environment and sufficient pay for their work. We pay a lot of attention to environmental issues to keep the planet safe for the future generations.

We expand production, build and introduce process management, develop new packaging solutions for our customers, and offer various training possibilities for our staff members. We are passionate about our work and we intend to get pleasure from it on day-to-day basis.